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Dreamplan offers a better way to manage your money – taking taxes, interest and risk into consideration, as well. We can help you reach your financial goals so that you can turn your dreams into reality.

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What we offer

We make it possible for you to create your own financial plan and we bring concrete recommendations to help you.

If you need more help, you can meet with one of our financial advisors so that we can support you in reaching your financial goals.

Why is our app relevant for you?

Are you in doubt about...

... whether you are saving enough for your retirement?

... whether you have the right type of home loan?

... whether you’re getting enough return on your investments?

... whether you’ll be financially okay if something goes wrong?

... whether you can make your dreams a reality?

Or if you simply want to calculate and see what you could do with your own finances, Dreamplan will get you started.

Dreamplan’s calculations

In Dreamplan, we review your entire financial situation, including your private economy, mortgage, savings, pension and investments. We show you how your wealth looks now and how it could look when you’re ready to retire.

We’ll make recommendations on how you can optimize your financial situation – how you can find more money for yourself now and when you retire. In our experience, the better financial overview you have, the more money you’ll have going forward.

Meet with Dreamplan’s financial advisors

When you’ve made the calculations in our app, you have the opportunity to say, “yes” to moving forward with your plan.

You can book a 15-minute free meeting with one of Dreamplan’s top independent financial advisors.

Or you can dive straight into optimising your finances and book an advisory session.

Your security is our priority

We know how important data security is for our customers. We make data security and ethics our priority. We do not share your data without your expressed consent. Upon request, we will delete your data from Dreamplan immediately.

Our app and data are hosted in the Cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany, and all data stays within the EU. We take great care to protect your data and have chosen AWS because we know AWS also keeps your data secure.

We have documented our IT security according to ISO/IEC 27001 standards.