Yes, we are geeks! This is how you get the right calculations

When you use our solution, you put your information in our hands. We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to protect your information.

So how do we calculate your data?

DreamPlan offers an offer for a better way to save in the light of tax, interest and risk - and with perspective in relation to goals and dreams.

Our recommendations

Our recommendations are based on the recommendations of the Money and Pension Panel, which are also used by the Danish banks. The recommendation is that you settle your debt so that you owe approx. 50% of the home's value when you retire - and this is 50% of the home's value when you retire. You must instead use the money you save by reducing the installments to save up on the side, either in free funds or on your pension.

When we (and the Money and Pension Panel here ) recommend that you not only pay off your housing debt, we also say that you must use the savings to either pay more into your pension or increase your regular savings.

We recommend that you have saved enough for your pension so that the payments amount to 75% of your current salary at the time of retirement. In that amount, we have included the basic amount of the public pension.

We also recommend that you always have 2.5 times your paid salary available for unforeseen expenses. Your other savings must be invested unless you need to use the money within 3 years. What you will need within 3 years, we recommend that you keep it in cash, as it would be a high risk to invest this amount.

We want to create a balance between savings in your house (settlement of debt), and savings for your pension and your other savings. We want you to pay off your debt, but we want you to do it in a balanced way in relation to your other savings.

Your finances as a whole

You don't have to put all your eggs in one basket, but have savings in both housing, pension and free savings.

Dreamplan sees your finances as a whole, and this means that your debt must harmonize with the size of your pension payments and other savings. For many, this means that they have to pay off a little less on their housing debt in order to save more for retirement instead. Since the Danish Real Credit environment is cheaper to borrow in than many years' return on e.g. pension or investments, this will in many cases mean that a use is Dreamplan's optimization will ensure you a greater fortune.

When you use Dreamplan's solution, you see the total change in your wealth over time as well as a Dreamplan figure.

The DreamPlan figure shows the change in your total wealth when you retire after you have followed our recommendations. Your input about your finances and other information and our knowledge of tax, interest, inflation and financial products form the basis of the calculation.

In the solution, you can see your current situation and the development until retirement with and without Dreamplan's recommendations.

By following the recommendations, you get the most out of your finances over time and thus the most out of your hard-earned money.

Your own plan

You also have the option to change Dreamplan's recommendations and create your personal plan. In your personal plan, you will be able to see the development of your wealth if you continue as you are now, held up against your personal plan. As well as the total Dreamplan figure (how much your wealth increases by) at retirement.

We help you bring your plan to life

We can help you bring your plan to life by offering you unbiased holistic advice. The price of the consultation depends on what help you need. All you have to do is book a time and we will contact you for the further process.

We start from unbiased sources

We are inspired by the recommendations of the Money and Pension Panel.

We use calculation assumptions from the Council for Return Expectations. When pension companies and financial institutions calculate pension forecasts and return expectations for customers, they use calculation assumptions from the Council for Return Expectations. They determine the calculation assumptions for expected returns and the risk on various investment assets.

The prerequisites are determined twice a year. All calculations take into account the latest tax legislation.

There may be slight differences between your bank's advice and our recommendations. This could, for example, be due to a difference in the recommendations or in the credit policy of the individual bank.